Use Facebook in South Africa to Search for People

Use Facebook in South Africa to search for people you used to go to school with or work with. It’s a great way to browse the Internet and have a look at what the people you used to know are up to – who’s married, who’s working, who is ruling the world. You don’t only have to use it to find friends, you can use it to have a look at those people in your network’s profile and see what they are all doing with their lives. It is no use searching for someone using the phone book any more. In the digital day and age the only way to go about locating others is by using a social network.

Although Facebook’s creators came off looking bad in The Social Network you can still use Facebook in South Africa to search for people in your past or present. It is one of the easiest ways to find friends. The first step is to use the search bar to type in their name. If you have any friends in common, their name should appear at the top of the search results list. If you don’t, or they have changed their name, you may need to use other search tools. The first is to find out whether your school or employer has a fan page or group. This lists all of the members and can really help you when you are searching for someone. Locating others isn’t very difficult.

If you’ve just signed up for a Facebook account and are dying to find friends, then just use the simple techniques described above. Another way of locating others is to use your social network. If you add one friend, have a look at their friends list and you might find some more friends to add. Searching for someone you haven’t seen in years may take a bit more time, but it’s not impossible.