Track a Person by a Cell Phone Number

To track a person by a cell phone number may seem like you are going to extremes, but for those of you who keep receiving unwanted calls then this may be a solution for you. One of the simplest ways is to simply type in the cell phone number in a search engine and see what comes up. However this is a hit and miss situation and may not get you the results that you had hoped for. One of the reasons that you may not find what you are looking for is because most of the online directories are exclusive to landline numbers. This is due to the fact that cellphone networks are not obliged to enter their data in any kind of free directory.

However, if you are receiving unwanted calls from an unknown number and want to track a person by a cell phone number, you can report the abuse at your nearest police station. With the new RICA regulations, all persons who purchase a sim card have to register their details with the service provider. This means that you can report the abuse to the police and they will be able to track the cell phone number for you through the information supplied by the user when they registered.

Should you not be getting any results by reporting the abuse to the police, then there are fee based services which you could acquire to help you find the owner of the cell phone privately. However, it is obviously best to get the police involved in case the person who is calling you intends on hurting you. Should you not be able to track the person through the cell phone number, then there are ways in which your service provider can block that particular number so that they cannot contact you again. This may be a far safer option than trying to track a person directly.